Magical Lanikai

While the rest of the island was storming, the heavens left a portal of calm so that the participants of the 2018 Team Jamba Lanikai Triathlon could play. There is something magical about Lanikai that you just have to wait and see the morning of. Once daylight approaches, the energy changes, and on this April day, it was smiling on us. So while much of Oahu was recovering from stormy weather, not a drop of rain fell on the hopeful athletes and volunteers. (What storm?…)

The swim was transformed into a 1-mile beach run-start to keep swimmers out of the brown water, while the air temperature and winds blew cooperatively between mild and pleasant. Ray says apart from a few potholes, the bike ride was smooth. Runners could push hard on the Lanikai loop with moderate puddle interruption. The finish area was filled with smiling faces—partly due to Jamba Juice refreshments and Jaco Rehab massages waiting to treat them after crossing the finish line. And, let’s not forget the Kalapawai Market spread of food, making tummies sing.

Speaking of singing… Smooth Remedy, the most soulful trio of musicians, filled the air with their amazing sounds and even played for us as we broke down the course after the awards ceremony—thank you, Shane, Kamaleu, and Aaron! Tim from BioAstin came out to podium in the relay division. Lots of Jamba Juice and BioAstin awards were handed out to the winners, filling age groups from 14 to 83!

The best part of the day was that Lectie was there. She joined her sweetheart Scott as he walked with her across the finish line. The bittersweet moment made many of us so grateful we are all part of such a supportive community. Of course, Duda was with us too—many wore their “speedos” in his memory to remind us of his passionate spirit. Thanks Odeelo, Casey, and Gary!

People coming together in difficult times, unexpected conditions, and bringing their best self forward—that is what the Lanikai Triathlon is all about. Unpredictable Lanikai is predictable in one big way—the athletes and volunteers of this event are the most wonderful around. Thank you for another great year everyone.