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Welcome to BOCA Hawaii

 We are Hawaii’s center for multi-sport training & racing fun! We’re your bike & triathlon store, bike repair shop & training headquarters.

BOCA HAWAII is committed to providing quality athletic services to individuals who wish to explore and excel in the world of triathlon. We promote healthy lifestyles that are a balance of fitness training, good nutrition and goal setting. We always encourage our athletes to grow beyond their initial expectations.

The roots of BOCA Hawaii are solid and full of success. Starting out with 25 members as a small training clinic in the spring of 1994, BOCA Triathlon Training, now called BOCA Hawaii, has multiplied exponentially. We have grown into a network of athletes who support the team spirit in what is generally considered an individual sport. Our members participate in triathlons throughout the islands as well as numerous national and international half and full Ironman races. Our athletes also enjoy taking part in cycling races, marathons, off-road challenges, with some even venturing on to ultra distance racing. Others are just content to train with friends as part of a maintenance program to stay fit and healthy.

BOCA Hawaii’s founder and director, Raul Torres, nicknamed BOCA, has successfully accomplished his goal of creating a support system for athletes wanting to improve themselves, no matter what their ability level or goals may be. One of Hawaii’s top athletes and coaches, Raul is a Brazilian with a zest for life. Coming to Hawaii in 1989 to do the Kona Ironman, Raul fell in love with Hawaii’s charm. Beginning with structured programs for races like the Tinman, Raul saw that athletes needed and enjoyed training with other athletes to help motivate and push them past their limits.

Since then, this very inspirational Brazilian continues to spread his enthusiasm for the sport of triathlon with not just one, but 10 training programs throughout the year. Having organized an incredible team of coaches and consultants, Raul has covered all bases when it comes to a complete training program.

Besides coaching, Raul is passionate about providing quality races for island athletes and truly enjoys presenting outdoor challenges to learn and grow from. BOCA Hawaii is all about the sheer challenge of being the best you can be no matter what goal you seek to realize. As BOCA says, “Train with passion!”