Roth Ready

BOCA Hawaii has done it again: turned an individual sport into a group experience.

A triathlon is you—swimming, biking, and running—focusing on your breath, your rhythm, and your heart rate. You have a goal, and you’re ready to mentally block out all other distractions. Other competitors are there as markers of your progress, indicators of where you are in your race. You are determined and ready to face the pain. And sometimes it’s lonely, and the breathing gets hard, and the muscles ache, and the pain sets in… and at times, it gets really hard… AND THEN, you hear “Go BOCA!”… And for a moment, you register the interruption. You know the cheering spectators or fellow athletes are talking to you because you are part of “Team BOCA.” You are part of “BOCA Hawaii,” a community of athletes who have planned to participate in this journey together! And it brings a smile to your face, and in this huge challenge, the connection somehow lightens your load because you know you are not alone.

A destination choice usually percolates the year before. A few BOCA athletes talk about an interesting place to visit, or a race they heard about, and it sticks. One year it was Cozumel, another Australia, Brazil, Copenhagen… we are world travelers, so the choices are adventurous. News of registration deadlines fill text streams and Facebook posts, and a gathering of committed athletes forms. Then, travel itineraries are discussed, and the training plans begin! Long weekend rides, group ocean swims, and bricks are all part of the weekend routine. Raul cracks the whip and sets training schedules with targeted distances and with strategic building so that a careful balance of strength and rest is met. Athletes get stronger, perform well in local races (or not, and learn from the disappointment), and make their way to the big goal. This year it’s ‘Challenge Roth’ in Germany on Sunday, July 1st.

So far, everyone has arrived safely in Germany. Delo’s bike was momentarily lost in transit, and Hilde was almost in need of buying replacement luggage, but all resolved itself, and the group has been enjoying practice swims in the lake and bike rides to test out their equipment. The feeling is good, and excitement is in the air!

Your 2018 Challenge Roth Hawaii members are Joy, Stacia, Asako, Delo, Ryan, Glen, Jodie, Janice, Amanda, Marcy, Nikki, DJ, Michele, Frans, James (Kimo), Kathryn T, Pilita, Zen, Eddie, Amy, Tim R, Jeo, Tammy (relay run), Felipe (relay swim), Deena (relay swim/run), Jeff L (relay bike), Katy (relay bike).

Your first-distance race is especially challenging, so an extra courageous high-five goes out to the ‘virgins’ of the group: Andee, Mark M, Hilda, Casey S, Scott Belluomini, and Katherine V.

And the most invaluable component of the group, the supporters and sherpas: Bonnie, Bo, Nancy, Ashley, Thomas, and Caroline.

Good Luck, everyone! Race with passion!