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Boca Hawaii loves Lectie Altman

Boca Hawaii loves Lectie Altman
February 25, 2018 Fruitbat7

A champion triathlete and loved swimming/cycling coach at Boca Hawaii, Lectie Altman is now facing the toughest challenge of her life. After being hit by a car drifting on Tantalus in January 2018, she has undergone many surgeries and will endure months of physical therapy.

With the support of the triathlon community, we are setting up funding to help her as the continued costs of her return to normal living will be on-going indefinitely. Proceeds from the Lanikai Triathlon and the newest Boca cycling jersey will be donated to Lectie’s Fund to help her with the mounting medical bills.

Born in Syracuse, NY, Lectie began swimming competitively at 7. She swam in highschool and in college at Bucknell Universtiy where she held records in freestyle and backstroke; She moved to Hawaii in January 2009. Ran first marathon in 2010 and joined the BOCA family in 2011—she says she couldn’t be happier with that decision. She has embraced the multi-sport community for many years now, and has competed in numerous shorter distance triathlons, Ironmans, half-ironmans, swimming and running races. Lectie has won the Lanikai Triathlon several times, and is the 2016 Hawaii 70.3 Ironman Amateur champion (she was the 1st overall swimmer!). She is also the Female champion of Ironman Boulder 2016, 31st overall.

Keep your spirits up, Lectie. We are here for you.