Run Like Travis Event

February 2, 2020

Hawaii athletes will attend the Surf City Marathon in Huntington Beach, CA, in memory of Dr. Travis Lau. We will Run Like Travis. We will be committed, dedicated, light-hearted, patient, intelligent, and thoughtful, just like Travis. We will complete what Travis set out to do but was unable to. Tragically taken away from us days before his big day, we will run the Surf City Marathon in his honor; and we will do our best to embody his amazing spirit, a spirit that has quietly touched so many lives.

On the first weekend of February 2020, BOCA Hawaii and other island athletes will gather at Huntington Beach, California, to participate in the Surf City Marathon, a race Travis was registered for and aimed at making a Boston Marathon qualifying time. Some athletes will run the full marathon, some the half or 5K, and others will support and cheer the runners on. For the past year, since the tragic accident in January 2019, many have been planning and training for this event. In losing Travis, friends and family have been mourning and trying to find ways to cope with his death. Channeling our energy into something positive has kept the uplifting aspects of Travis’ personality alive and well in our hearts. We laugh at his quirky habits and smile at the gentle yet purposeful way he approached his training runs.

Travis inspired us and is now bringing 60-plus friends and family together as a community. Melissa, his wife, and Esther, his mother, will be attending to share in this special event. We are looking forward to feeling some release and turning the sadness into some joy, despite losing such a dear and accomplished friend and family member.

For many months, athletes have been getting together everywhere to train—rain or shine: East Oahu, Kailua, Washington state, California—with ‘Travis’ in their hearts. Looking forward to coming together for the special day…