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BOCA Marathon Training

Clinic Objective

To assist athletes in meeting the challenge of the Honolulu Marathon fit and injury free!

Boca Marathon Training is designed to provide an organized training plan, mapping out the work needed to ensure continual upward progress in performance ability. Whether you are a first time marathoner or a seasoned racer, or a triathlete looking to improve your running skills, the Boca staff will help you in reaching your individual goals.

Method of instruction

Tuesdays: Speed workout/interval training (interval training will only begin after several weeks of base training)
Thursdays: Moderate runs, hills, tempo runs
Saturdays: Long runs (longer runs will be aid station assisted)
Sundays: (Optional) Marathon Readiness Series Races

At the start of each week, a weekly workout schedule will be provided to all participants via email with suggested workouts on meeting and non-meeting days.

Swimming & biking is optional and excellent for recovery.

Aug 19 – Dec 10, 2017
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 5:30 pm, Saturdays, 6:00 am

Fee: $ 375 –  2017 Special! Join with a friend, new to boca, and each receive $50 off program fee

The Boca Difference

  • Experienced coaches who sincerely love what they do
  • A network of real people ranging from professionals, to students, to homemakers, to everyday hardworking people
  • An organized program that provides guidelines for effective, safe and fun training


  • Good quality running shoes
  • Running attire
  • Socks
  • Water bottle
  • Towel
  • Jacket
  • Hat / visor
  • Sunblock
  • Anti-friction products (Body glide & Blistershield)
  • Heart rate monitor (optional)
  • Swimming (Optional)

Train with Passion!